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Armani Versace Birthday : July 26, 1996 Address  : Atlanta, GA Race : Black / African Age : 20 Awarded : 2015 Gold Aurora Award

Armani Versace is an American television talk show host , LGBT public figure , Social media influencer , Ambassador , Journalist , Instagram star , and Aurora award winner.

Biography Edit

Armani Javon Walton (born July 26, 1996), professionally known as Armani Versace, is an American LGBT public figure, television personalty , instagram star , model and youtube personality. Armani accomplished a leading male role in the hit smash Atlanta based teen show The Bridge on PDSTV24 in May 2014.  Armani also has been scene for his work in print modeling, social media promotions, and local fashion shows in Atlanta, Georgia.

Early life Edit

Armani Versace was born Armani Javon Walton in Memphis, Tennessee. He was later raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born to Tonya Holman and father Anthony Jolliff, who was murdered in late 2013. He also has two sisters, Carisma and Chasidy. Armani Versace graduated Tucker high school in 2015 with a grade point average of a 3.0 Armani has participated in over 20 step team competitions from the age 10 to 12 as head captain at Stone Mountain elementary.

Career & Aurora Award Edit

He first entered the entertainment world appearing in local advertisements throughout Atlanta, Georgia. In early 2014, Armani began filming as a television talk show host on the local educational DeKalb County channel PDST-V24. Armani Versace became very successful and popular for his outgoing and extravagant personality on the hit show. He filmed the highest rating show on PDS-TV24 for only two whole seasons that first premiered in May 2014. He later went on to engaging and local hosting gigs such as Talents shows and events. In January 2015 Armani Versace received a nominated Gold 2015 Aurora Award for his hosting talent and education programming on the show ''The Bridge'' on PDS-TV24. Armani Versace's school district was the only one to win Aurora awards for fall 2014.

Social media success Edit

On June 25, 2015, Armani Versace confirmed his sexuality as a homosexual to all his social media platforms that went viral and was also the exact day that gay marriage became legal across the U.S. In particular, his Instagram account became very popular after he confirmed his sexuality to all his fans and supporters. Walton famously known online simply as Armani Versace has gained more than 100,000 followers for his fashion sense that he promotes daily on Instagram with name brand labels such as Gucci and Versace. He is a socialite grown popular through Instagram, much like India Love and Justin Combs.

LGBT Public figure Edit

Along after his social media raised to fame Armani Versace began getting involved in the Lgbt community as a young urban gay public figure promoting quality rights and raising issues that the lgbt community continues to deal with. Armani Versace released his coming out story in early august 2016 that broke down the process of his early childhood issues being gay. Armani Versace has managed to help several lgbt organizations raise profit for different health causes and gay awareness. Not only has he raised thousands of donations for       

the gay community but has also done several social media ads that give gay awareness to the a worldwide platform. Armani Versace has also done several deals with gay own companies for social branding and business purposes. Armani Versace's gay fan base and supporters are famously known online as being the ArmaniAngelz and ArmaniAmbassodors. Armani Versace has been quoted online as the ultimate ''LGBT Ambassador'' .

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